• QHSE Excellence

    improvement, commitment, planning

Company QHSE Fundamentals

Policy Statement 

Achieving QHSE excellence by continuous improvement, commitment, planning, analysis and review of all UCS Operations from internal workshop procedures to high profile project execution. Underwater Cutting Solutions Ltd (UCS) is dedicated to excellence to all aspects of the company from equipment performance to service provisions. Working with customers to identify their needs and meet or exceed their expectations from enquiry to project completion.



UCS takes pride in equipment and service quality. All equipment is manufactured in accordance with UCS LRQA ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System (QMS). This includes specific in-house Design and Development procedures for Design Planning, Validation and Verification.

UCS is always willing to allow clients to witness verification and validation testing which is always specific to the designed equipment.

UCS is a firm believer in continual improvement and endeavour to improve on the current QMS and control methods to maximise benefits to UCS and clients. For this reason UCS have targets set for progression from ISO 9001 QMS to the newer ISO 29001:2010 Standard, which calls for tighter controls and greater documentation.

Health & Safety

UCS fully understands the hazards and dangers of operations, equipment, and projects exposed to employees and other personnel working with or around UCS’s equipment. For this reason the maximum effort is made to ensure all risks and hazards are analysed at all levels within UCS and eliminated or mitigated wherever practical.

To aid in the assurance of Health and Safety to any person who may be affected by UCS operations, We have developed and implemented a fully documented LRQA accredited OHSAS 18001 management system, covering all areas of UCS operations.

UCS determine potential equipment risks during the design and development process and believe the best risk prevention is during the design stages to engineer hazards out of our equipment. As it is impractical to engineer out all hazards; in-depth equipment risk assessments are conducted for all UCS equipment to highlight potential risks to any person who may use UCS equipment.


UCS’s surroundings and environment are always taken into consideration; UCS aims for all activities to have as minimal as practical impact to the environment.

UCS believes in maintaining the environment and operates beyond legal and legislative requirements.

Substantial Investments have been made to protect the environment with tangible and non-tangible controls.