• QHSE Excellence

    improvement, commitment, planning

Company QHSE Fundamentals

Policy Statement 

Achieving QHSE excellence by continuous improvement, commitment, planning, analysis and review of all UCS Operations from internal workshop procedures to high profile project execution. Underwater Cutting Solutions Ltd (UCS) is dedicated to excellence to all aspects of the company from equipment performance to service provisions. Working with customers to identify their needs and meet or exceed their expectations from enquiry to project completion.

Quality, Health & Safety & Environmental

The Directors and Management at Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) are fully committed to operate every aspect of our business to the highest of standards, ensuring a top quality of service to all our clients, with the highest of safety expectations.

We aim to conduct all aspects of our work in a manner that ensures the health (both physical and mental health), safety and welfare of all UCS employees along with any other person who may be affected by our activities. We aim to achieve this with as minimal an impact to the environment as practicable.

UCS are committed to remaining a market leader in our sector and believe this is achieved largely due to the high-quality service we provide along with the much-needed flexible service we offer to our clients.

UCS will strive to maintain highest quality service provision by continuous review and monitoring of our performance, objectives and targets throughout all areas of the company and take prompt action when we or others identify areas of underperformance or nonconformance, along with identifying any areas which we can improve upon. Key focus is always aimed to ensure the company, operates effectively and efficiently to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

UCS Management Systems are certified to the international standards ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational, Health, Safety and Security) Standards. Our Senior Management team are currently preparing for transition to the new ISO 45001 – 2018 Standard and hope to achieve this by the second quarter of 2019.

Our Training and Competency Development programme provides our technicians with the technical skills to perform at the highest level ensuring a safe effective operation in a demanding environment. Our Management team are focussed on a mutually beneficial experience for existing and potential clients globally.